Y William Yu Co. Ltd.


Welcome to Y William Yu Co. Ltd.

Unique, custom-tailored men's clothing is the specialty of our respected 50-years-old business. Handsome, luxurious suits, shirts, overcoats and other fine apparel are painstakingly produced by hand.

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Our fashion consultants can also explain the following details of craftmanship:

  • The rich looking and hand-picked pearl buttons on shirts
  • The 3-fitting process on suits
  • The handmade button holes
  • Arm Shields on jackets
  • Heel guard on pants
  • Lining for pants
  • Pleat or flap front on pants
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About us

Our products are with extraordinary quality, stylish and comfortable. A honorable tailor - you rely on for a life time.

Our reputation was built up by customers' recommendation.

Serving gentlemen with elegant clothing for over 50 years.

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Our Styles

Choose styles from European, Traditional, Classic or Designer mode. Our fashion consultants can assist you in matching the best look.

When buying a bespoke shirt, have you considered the following details?

  • Which collar style is best for my body type?
  • Can I still look good & feel comfortable in a fitted shirt?
  • Which color & pattern will look best on me?

When you order a bespoke suit, have you consider?

  • Casual or formal wear?
  • Double breasted or single breasted?
  • Color of lining?
  • Pleats for pants?
  • With cuffs or no cuffs on pants?
  • Horn buttons?

Material Selection

Our collection includes LoroPiana, Zegna, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Schofield & Smith, Scabal, etc. A wide selection of latest designed fabrics from 7 oz tropical worsted wool to 18 oz cashmere for coats, for business look or casual occasions. Choices for shirts encompass over 2000 different color and patterns, including Sea Island cotton by Acorn of Nelson, David & John Anderson, England.

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Contact Us

We would love to talk to you about all or any of your serving gentlemen with elegant clothing needs. You can pop to our office anytime when you are free.

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